Gotland Sheepskin - rare Skandinavian Gotland Sheepskins - not dyed, grandios nature colors, silky curly hair

Gotland Sheep are a rare breed from Skandinavia. These rare an beauty Gotland Sheepskins come in many shades of grey. White and light colors are rare because the born Gotland Sheep is normally black. In his life change the Gotland Sheep his color from black up to grey shades. Gotland Hides are known as the Rolls Royce of sheepskins. Fine fleece, lustrous and soft, beautiful clearly defined curls and are well known for their quality and are a highly sought luxurious floor coverings. This Gotland sheepskin rug will infuse your interior with timeless glamour, effortlessly transitioning from contemporary to classic rooms. These pelts are extremely rare, exclusive and one of a kind. An ideal accent for low traffic spaces such as by your bed or under your desk, or drape it over your favourite chair or bench for exquisite comfort and glamour.