Reindeer Skin water resistant

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Hiking and excursion skins:


Reindeer skin has a unique isolation material which has been used in the Nordic countries since the first humans settled here. With modern technology, it is now possible to create soft, fine, and odorless skins that is water resistant.

Water repellent skins for seating/sleeping pad on walks in the woods. The perfect gift for the outdoor enthusiast. The hides are first prepared, then it is applied with a “plastic coating” on the leather side, which makes the skins water repellent, and they may be lied directly in the snow. The skins should be rolled up with the hairs in, from the neck, and placed under the lid of the bag. Weight per skin: 1.5 to 2 kg.


Polar seating/mats in pelt is well suited for bot bare ground and snow. Can be used on family trips at Easter, during breaks in the alpine, ice fishing, during hunting, in igloos etc.


The waterproof leather side turned down against the snow or ground. During hunting, it can be advantageously to turn skin the other way, with the hairs down. Then you have a soundless skin/hide.

Storage after use: If the skin becomes wet, hang the skin to dry and in a well-ventilated space.


Both whole skins and their patches rolled together with hairs in, from the neck and direction of the hair into a compact unit. Sit on reindeer skins during the next stop or break in the wilderness and let the quietness sink in, so our ancestors have done. Good trip!

Use of excursion skins and patches:

Impregnated skin is great to bring on a trip or excursion, to sit on. Whether sitting on a stump, on the ground or in the snow. If you put the leather side down it can extract moisture. Remember to hang it up to dry in an airy space when you are back and the skin is ready for use again.

If you lay the hairy side down it prevents hair getting on your clothes, and that any ingress of moisture also decreases.

please note

The reindeer belongs to what we call “rørhårsdyr” (air-filled hairs), meaning that the hairs are hollow. This means that the skins are unsuitable to lay on the floor or ground, or sit on inside, because the hairs will break the hair root and the skin will begin to molt. This is a natural product and is lovely as a decorative skin on the wall in the cabin or in the living room.
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