Dear Customer

Your lambskin blanket will greatly benefit with regular maintenance:

Brush your blanket with a pet brush or comb, this will restore the wool pile where otherwise flattened and bring dust and foreign matters between fibres to the surface. After brushing: vacuuming, this will help also to restore wool pile and collect dust and foreign matters. Regularly airing: over an airing rack or over two chairs, this will help keep your sheepskin blanket fresh.

Please note:

Keep your shearling away from heat sources such as heat vents and radiators. Direct heat exposure can cause the material to dry and crack. Keep your shearling blanket away from direct light. Overexposure to light can alter the color of your blanket.


It is recommended that you dry clean shearling items to maintain their beauty, we recommend cleaning by furrier. Unlike other products, shearling will not look the same after it is washed. The wool will curl more and the piece will take on a new look, although it will be cleaner. Taking the piece to a qualified dry cleaner will allow the product to keep its original look and feel. If you decide to wash the item yourself, use the cleaning methods below.

Small spills - Use a damp cloth to clean up small spills, and gently pluck any debris or dirt stains from the outside suede with tweezers. You can also use a green cloth-brite pad to lightly rejuvenate the suede and remove dirt marks at the same time.

Liquid spots (grease, drinks, etc.) - Should be treated by applying a layer of corn starch directly onto the spot (just sprinkle directly onto the coat on top of the stain). Let the corn starch sit for a day or two — the worse the stain, the longer you should let the corn starch sit. When you're ready, dust off the corn starch and use a suede brush to brush the nap of the suede. If your coat has a napa finish, do not brush with a suede brush; rather, rub lightly with a soft towel.

Cleaning sheepskin / lambskin medical tanned only

Washing - hand wash or machine wash on “wool” cycle in max 30°C/86°F water. Use only special sheepskin shampoo that is suitable for sheepskins. Spin excess water out. Do not bleach or leave soaking.

Drying - lay flat over airing rack or over two chairs in an outside position (not warm or hot and away from direct sunlight). Stretch to shape while damp. Do not iron.

Brushing - Brushing when both wet and again when sheepskin is fully dry helps to maintain the wool pile. Use a pet brush and brush in all directions.